Restaurant & Bar

Large windows and white columns overlooking the Adriatic Sea … a portrait of sensations in continual movement...

The sun’s rays that enter each morning offer revitalising energy.
A generous, healthy breakfast in a bright space is important for everyone’s well being.

In the evening the space changes and welcomes you to a warm elegant atmosphere with soft music, gentle lighting and bright colours. A generous buffet of fresh vegetables and a different menu await you each day.

Breakfast overlooking the sea until late. The buffet offers a rich breakfast. RUHL beach Hotel

Boiled eggs and bacon for a rich and tasty breakfast buffet. Breakfast is served late. RUHL beach Hotel Jesolo  Fresh fruit for breakfast to start the day full of vitamins. RUHL beach Hotel in Jesolo

Pasta time in Jesolo Lido, RUHL bach Hotel.
Buffet of appetizers of the RUHL beach hotel in Jesolo

Choice of buffet bread. Bread comes fresh every morning. Ruhl beach Hotel JESOLO  Mixed salad buffet at the RUHL Beach Hotel. 3-star beachfront hotel in Jesolo

Cakes and sweets of the RUHL Beach Hotel Jesolo. The classics and modern  Cakes for breakfast, freshly baked a wide choice for all tastes. The breakfast is buffet style. RUHL Beach Hotel Jesolo

The breakfast buffets of the RUHL beach Hotel