Health & Wellness


Even on holiday it is important to think about your body and psycho-physical wellbeing. Jesolo encompasses so many landscapes: the sea, the lagoon, the valleys, the pine forest! The bicycle is the ideal means of transport for visiting Jesolo along the cycle paths that the city offers. We provide comfortable city bikes free of charge.


Approximately 2 km from the hotel, conveniently reachable on foot or by bicycle, you will find the professional gym ‘New Body centre’.

Here the latest Technogym equipment will enable you to maintain and improve your fitness. Even on holiday you must not forget your fitness.


The ‘Il Gatto che Ride’ restaurant, just a few steps from the hotel, offers fish and traditional Venetian cuisine!
Our guests receive a 10% discount. An opportunity not to be missed to taste local products and try healthy cuisine where quality ingredients are the protagonists. Visit


In the hotel you will find maps of the routes and Nordic Walking poles are available to you free of charge. Immerse yourself in nature and improve your physical wellbeing along the sea, the Venice lagoon, the Sile and Piave rivers or immerse yourself in the countryside around Jesolo! You will reduce stress and delay ageing, improve posture and spinal mobilisation.


Table football is available in the hotel. You can play against each other in teams and experience the thrill of goal scoring. If you think it can only be a children’s game, you are wrong! You will be involved in the competition and don’t forget that playing foosball every day, at least for 45 minutes, fulfils the demand for physical exercise recommended by the guidelines to stay healthy and fight the sedentary lifestyle!


Improving your wellbeing while relaxing by the sea? This is not a dream, but one of the many things we offer you. Hydromassage has many beneficial effects: it can prevent rheumatism, arthritis and gout and in any case, it can increase blood pressure, circulating more oxygen throughout the body and thus revitalising the cells of our body. Have we convinced you?

Promoting sustainable mobility

Promoting free bicycle hire to explore the natural environments that characterise the area but also to reach the various points of the Jesolo coastline; publicising and providing detailed information on the public transport network.

So many possibilities for you

For more than 30 years we have had a deep love for the precious and delicate marine ecosystem that surrounds us, and we pay attention to the abiental impact of our activities. An attention that has involved OUR daily behaviors and slowly those of our customers, in particular:

We implement and promote a separate waste collection system in order to encourage waste recovery. We contribute to making their subsequent disposal and reuse more convenient and safer by avoiding their uncontrolled dispersion into the environment.

Ottenuta attraverso la sensibilizzazione di collaboratori e ospiti ad una sempre più attenta considerazione di questo fondamentale aspetto etico e di sostenibilità

Delle dei processi lavorativi al fine di ridurre i consumi di beni preziosi. Il consumo di carta ad esempio è stato limitato grazie all’introduzione del servizio di self check in on line agli Ospiti

Ottenuto attraverso l’installazione di lampadine a basso consumoe di fotocellule per regolare l’accensione delle luci nelle aree comuni e negli spazi di lavoro, nonché di un sistema domotico per l’ottimizzazione del condizionamento. Risparmio favorito inoltre dall’introduzione di elettrodomestici di ultima generazione volti all’abbattimento dei consumi

Ottenuto attraverso il monitoraggio dei consumi e la sensibilizzazione dei fruitori al risparmio, installando riduttori di flusso di acqua potabile, sensibilizzando i collaboratori e Ospiti a prestare attenzione allo spreco generato dal lavaggio della biancheria da camera.

Preferenza ai prodotti a km0 o comunque di filiera italiana

Promuovendo il noleggio gratuito di biciclette per esplorare gli ambienti naturali che caratterizzano il territorio ma anche per raggiungere i vari punti della costa jesolana; pubblicizzando e fornendo informazioni dettagliate circa la rete di mezzi di trasporto pubblici e incentivando l’utilizzo di auto elettriche offrendo la possibilità di ricaricare i mezzi con la collonina di ricarica installata in struttura.

Selezione di fornitori di energia elettrica che si avvalgono di quote di energia rinnovabili.

Sport all’aria aperta ed attività culturali